First off let me begin by saying that finding motomachi in DFC is quite a task. It is literally hidden in one end of the mall. But in case you can't find them, just remember that it is the last one in a huge line of restaurants facing the waterfront promenade. The ambience of the restaurant is very nice and great for date nights as well as family dinners. I actually went there to have lunch with a friend and noticed quite a few people having business lunches there. The service at the restaurant is par excellence. Literally everyone at the restaurant is so humble and they all just genuinely want you to have a great time there. The first thing you realise when you are handed the menu is the fact that there is so much to choose from! They have a massive menu and you really get spoilt for choice! We ordered the takoyaki for starters. It was super hot and I almost burnt my mouth but it tasted great! For mains we had the Miso Ramen(tasted pretty average) and Teriyaki Don(delicious!). For desserts we went a bit overboard and ordered the matcha milk cake(heaven!), Anko Taiyaki and chocolate cake. They all were delicious! If not for a meal I will definitely stop by motomachi just for their desserts!

My Recommendations- Takoyaki, Teriyaki Don, Matcha Milk cake, Anko Taiyaki. Food-4/5 Ambience-4/5 Value for money-4/5

Motomachi Japanese Restaurant & Patisserie

Dubai Festival City Mall

La Mer, Jumeirah