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Nestled in a corner of Dubai Festival City, this restaurant is in a bit of a hidden spot; it’s getting more popular as one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in town though. You can find them close to the huge Robinsons store on the ground floor next to the waterfront exit.

As you walk in, you will feel like you are in a completely different place altogether, you wouldn’t notice the hustle and bustle of the mall on the outside, but instead get transported to somewhere in Japan I am guessing (never been to Japan, so I am not sure if I am right), but it does bring about a feel of Japan – with waitresses all Japanese and the cutlery and ambience shows off an elegant and classy look.

So first off, I have to tell you that this is my first ever experience at a Japanese restaurant because honestly, I am really not a fish fan… So why go a Japanese restaurant then, you might ask, well, I was very reluctant to try this place because it’s basically for a person who loves fish and Japanese cuisine consists mostly fish dishes…DUH!!! But the real reason for going there for lunch was because my friends wouldn’t leave me alone, they kept insisting. “Jut try it out at least” they said… So there I was waiting for my Japanese culinary journey to begin on a Thursday afternoon.

While my friends pondered over what dishes to order (I did not take part in that process because I had no damn idea what to make of the menu), I sipped on the famous Yuzu Japanese Lime Soda which was refreshing and is definitely a must-have. This gorgeous drink actually put me high spirits and I was literally looking forward to the main dishes then.

Let me dive right into the dishes, which all came together to the table and I had to fight off my friends to take pictures before they dug into it. Yes, I know… I am that person in the group who doesn’t allow anyone to eat unless pictures are taken first

Ebi Ten Wasabi Mayo – Crispy golden deep fried shrimp with wasabi sauce drizzled over it. It was a pretty good starter though they could have increased the amount of sauce on it, coz the sauce was quite literally only drizzled on top.

Takoyaki – This is fried seafood dumpling – we chose shrimps and it turned out delicious when dipped in a little soy sauce and wasabi dip.

Kaisen Yakisoba – Seafood stir fried noodles is the ultimate noodle dream, I loved every bite of it and mostly finished it by myself before my friends could take it away.

Ebi Tempura – This shrimp tempura that comes with tempura crumbs and mayo was my favourite only second to the noodle dish.

California/ Crispy California – This roll is a mix of crabstick, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, flying fish roe and mayo. It doesn’t add much other than visual drama and texture according to me, but again, I am not an expert in Japanese food, so it’s just my preference.

The restaurant is well known for their dessert items, especially cheesecakes. But this time, we were not in a mood for cheesecakes and hence gave it a pass. But instead had the Matcha Parfait.

I’m less dazzled by this, because of the overly bitter flavour of the Macha (powdered green tea), but they’re still mighty fine.

Service is sweet and kind and I came to know that they make the desserts and bakery items on a daily basis so you don’t have to worry about stale stuff.

Motomachi is not cheap. Of course it’s not: I’m sorry if I’m breaking it to you, but cheap sushi ≠ good sushi. And this is good sushi. So do give it a try if you plan on venturing into unknown territory like me and also if you are a sushi person, then this is the place for you to go.

So until next time, have a great day everyone.

Lots of love,



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