Menu Creeper

Motomachi puts forth an ok effort at serving Japanese cuisine but it is by no means authentic or worth going back to. There were many staple items that were not even on the menu such as udon and grilled squid. I tried the grilled scallops which had decent flavour but was overcooked. I was with a few people so I didn't want to make a deal out of it. I was looking forward to the soba salad, as I am a fan of cold soba, the texture of the salad and noodles were ok but the sauce didn't work for me. Instead of serving the traditional sauce, there was a hint of wasabi I believe that was added to it which ruined it for me. Then came their mixed tempuras which consisted of shrimp and vegetables, the way that it is all combined into one made me think that they had brought me someone else's dish by mistake. It was more like a potato net then tempura, it definitely didn't look or taste like traditional tempura that I have had at even the lowest end Japanese restaurants. I looked hard on the menu to try to find a saving grace in each section - appetiser, main, dessert and drinks, but there isn't one thing on the menu that would make me want to come back.

Motomachi Japanese Restaurant & Patisserie

Dubai Festival City Mall

La Mer, Jumeirah