Hamza Bin Tila

Me and my better half went to MotoMachi in Festival City for a late Saturday night. The place has a nice ambience and good views of the Light and Sound shows. The staff is courteous and they have a lightning speed of serving food.

We ordered Calamari Tempura as starters which come with a spicy mayo sauce. The calamari was perfectly cooked which the perfect crunch in the light Tempura batter. You could spice up the dish with Japanese dry spice rub on the table.

We also tried Miso Chicken Ramen and beef based GyuDon. The GyuDon was beef strips and onions cooked on top of white rice. The taste was very beefy and the juices covered the rice making every morsel of the rice drenched in beef flavour. We soaked the rice in Soy sauce too but the basic flavor was very different and tasty in its own right.

The miso Ramen had a miso based broth with very thinly sliced chicken along with a range of vegetables and a boiled egg. The Ramen was a real generous serving and was tasty , do try it if you look soupy noodles.

All in all we had a good experience and we would definitely be coming back.

Motomachi Japanese Restaurant & Patisserie

Dubai Festival City Mall

La Mer, Jumeirah