Food Review: Motomachi Japanese Restaurant

Motomachi, the new Japanese restaurant in town, recently opened its doors to public at Dubai Festival City (DFC). And because I’m absolutely crazy about Japanese food (so is my family) we decided to give it a try.

Interior and Location

Let’s start by talking about the location and its interior. Motomachi is located at the very end, and at the very corner of the mall, near Robinson’s Department Store. If there hadn’t been any signs pointing to the restaurant, anybody would have missed it. However, the interior of the place was very enticing. Wooden decorations, beautifully painted Japanese characters, and artificial cherry blossoms welcomed you which definitely did its job at getting people in.



There’s not a lot of Japanese restaurants here in Dubai that offers mouth watering Takoyakis. We ordered 3 platters of this…. so I guess now you already know what I’m going to say next. Yes, it’s that great, and so far the most delicious I’ve ever had. Also, I think it had shrimps instead of squid/octopus inside which was a win for me because I’m no fan of those squiggly creatures.

From top clockwise: Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Seafood Yakisoba, Gyu Don and Ebi Tempura

Both the ramens were delectable and were served steaming hot. The serving is actually good for two people and we only realized this when we couldn’t finish the single bowl anymore. It literally looked like it wasn’t touched even though two people already tried to gobble them up.

The yakisoba however, had a different taste. It didn’t taste like any other yakisobas I’ve had from other restaurants. I don’t know if Motomachi’s version is the original recipe but, when I asked my parents (since they travelled to Japan) they said, it didn’t taste anything like it. It wasn’t as yummy as I’d expected it to be. Another downside was, there were just too much cabbages. It was like, half cabbage and half noodles which makes this dish good for one person. Also, the amount of shrimps on the dish could be counted to 4 pcs and yet there were a lot of squid which I unfortunately didn’t eat. Bottom line is, I was kinda disappointed with the yakisoba.

Gyu don was average but I’d have to commend them with how tender the beef was. This one is good for one person, but if you’re the type who doesn’t eat too much then it can also be for sharing. I don’t really have a lot to say about this dish as I only had small bites.

The ebi tempura was one of our favourites! They were cut into a slightly big portion than usual and came in 8 pieces. From the first bite I knew the shrimps were fresh as they did not feel rubbery at all; it was cooked perfectly and the vegetables that was wrapped with it tasted sweet! By far the ebi tempura and takoyi are my favourite dishes.

Desserts: Japanese Cheesecake and Mochi Puff; Drinks: Matcha Latte

Desserts are always the best part, don’t you agree? You guys have to try the cheesecake! They were so fluffy and the great part was it wasn’t too sweet! They didn’t have the original mochi made of sticky rice but we still decided to give the puff pastry a try. It had a chocolate filling which I think was a bit too sweet. The cheesecake balanced it all out.

Finally for the drinks, please don’t miss out on their matcha latte! Anything matcha is heaven and this drink will bring you to cloud 9!

Final Verdict

I’d definitely visit this restaurant again but not to order any of their main courses anymore. Not only were some of their dishes were pricey, some prices were not equal to the taste of the food. If I come back, I guess I’d only opt for their sushi platters, the takoyaki again and their desserts.

xo, Bianca


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