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Japanese cuisine we know and enjoy today has an ancient, dynamic, and delicious history and that Japan has always been a nation of foodies. Motomachi another japanese scene in the market of international eateries, Dubai. It is located in Dubai Festival City ground floor.

This place has spacious sitting space, indoor and outdoor both. My husband and I preferred to sit covered outside area,overlooking waterfront. I bet this place looks even greater in night with all lights and dancing fountain.All the place is decked up with Japanese cultural stuff like kimonos,hanging lamps etc. Staff here is all japanese,which gives a real feel as if you are in japan.The menu has pictures with the dish name,makes it easy to order.

What we ordered there:

  • Yasai Kakiage

  • Kizami Salad

  • Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

  • California Maki

  • Kaisen Yakisoba

  • Tayaki

  • Fruits Parfait

  • Cheesecake

Yasai Kakiage– Vegetarian version of tempura, I always opt for prawns but this time I tried to go with veggie option. Dish came with five different varieties of veggie,all were crispy and liked them with the sauce came along with this dish.

Kizami Salad- 11 kinds of veggies chopped and dressed with avocado and wasabi sauce is one of kind salad which I would totally recommend.

Chicken Katsu- Chicken pieces rolled in breadcrumbs,dipped in eggs and deep fried to golden pieces. For me they were bit oily and couldn’t impress me that much although taste was good with the katsu sauce.

California Maki– When it comes to order maki, my obvious choice is california maki. I can eat all day long. They were fresh and in perfect taste, the way I like.

Kaisen Yakisoba– Stir fried noodles with a melody of seafood,is definite choice to order, if you are noodles buff although any sauce with it would have been better to have with it.

Now, come to the sweet and last part of our tasting session. I was excited to try some Japanese dessert, we ordered Tayaki. Its like a japanese waffle with filling of nutella,custard or anko in a form of fish shape. We tried it with nutella filling and it got finished in minutes. Do try it out!! Other dessert were Cheesecake and Parfait,in parfait although they had traditional matcha flavor too but we tried to play safe and went for fruit parfait. Delightfully filling and treat for sweet lovers.Whereas, cheesecake was a bit dry for my liking.

Overall, I had a good experience,staff is courteous and serves you with a smiling face. If you haven’t tried any authentic japanese food or you think you are not interested,try out this place and you will never say No!!! to the japanese food.


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