Dubai City - Motomachi Restaurant

A unique concept in Dubai, Motomachi Restaurant brings the taste of Japan to the desert of Dubai. Located in Dubai Festival City Mall and La Mer Jumeirah, it has both an indoor seating area as well as an outdoor seating area with views of old Dubai as well as new Dubai.

The team serves the most authentic Japanese food in Dubai, cooked and served by an all Japanese Staff. As soon as the clients step into the restaurant, they instantly feel the theme and charm of Japan. Their staff is friendly and decor is comfortable, people feel right at home. Ther serve lunch, dinner and coffee. Their services are good for groups, Take Out, Waiter Service. Motomachi is a Japanese Restaurant and Patisserie that is appreciated by Sushi lovers who rejoice the treats by this restaurant. Motomachi, an original Japanese restaurant has and entirely new concept that takes Japanese dining in Dubai to a whole new level by providing its guests with a completely authentic experience.

Diners tryout numerous sushi dishes, all of which leave them satisfied while being light and refreshing. A sampler tray of sushi can be ordered to try a couple of each. According to preference, favorite dishes can be ordered.

Motomachi has managed to stay true and leaves diners more refreshed than usual. Along with sushi, their menu serves of dishes that are delightful and worth trying. Favorites being the Gyu Don, a beef and onion mixture with rice. The onions aerved here give a caramelized taste and that combines well with the beef. Crab salad here is absolutely delicious, this restaurant offers a mix in a hint of authentic tasting Japanese wasabi giving it a subtle flavor. Diners can order it as a side or as light main course, it is also interesting to use chopsticks! The Kaisen Yakisoba is a heap full bowl of seafood stir fried noodles. This dish is very popular and is heavenly!

The restaurant is also a Japanese bakery, which sets it apart from other similar restaurants. The dessert item such as Taiyaki, which is a fish shaped pastry can be ordered; it comes filled with Nutella, custard, or even Anko (a sweet bean paste). They serve a dessert cooler that is delicious and freshly made sweet meats. These desserts are prepared daily. Visiting Motomachi allows diners to have some delicious coffee which is supplied by The Raw Company, which is fair trade 100% organic coffee!

People prefer to visit Motomachi Restaurant and will definitely stop by again to experiment more items on their menu! The visit is a unique experience and goes perfectly well, every dish that is served is fresh, steaming hot and full of flavor. The staff is warm and do not hesitate to apologize if order takes longer to arrive. The decor is perfectly suitable for the Japanese restaurant.


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Motomachi Japanese Restaurant & Patisserie

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